Day Skier Info


The Bearskin parking lot will be full well before 11 AM on the New Year’s Weekend. Please consider driving farther up the Gunflint Trail to Golden Eagle, where there is always room to park. Please don’t park unsafely or park in such a way as to block roads or other vehicles. Accidents do happen in our small lot. Bearskin Lodge will not be responsible for damage to your car caused by your poor parking choices. Thank you!


The Central Gunflint Ski Trail System, privately maintained and groomed by Bearskin Lodge and Golden Eagle Lodge, is one of Minnesota’s premier ski destinations. Cross-country skiing is our primary focus here, so we take our grooming very seriously.

Bearskin was voted #3 best cross country ski resort in the US in USA Today’s 2019 poll.  We offer 77+ K of Pisten Bully-groomed trails through the deep woods of the Superior National Forest. Both Bearskin and Golden Eagle have new, up-to-date Kässbohrer PistenBully groomers, and we groom regularly. Most trails are groomed for both skate and classic skiing.

Our trail system is large enough that skiers will rarely come in contact with others, so it is a great socially distanced activity for this era. You will not need a mask on the trails, although putting one in your pocket for an emergency is smart. You do, however, need to wear a mask to buy tickets, rent skis, or interact with staff in or around our lodges.

In 2020-2021, realistically it is easier to ski here if you are staying in a cabin. Due to Covid protocols, the gathering area in both lodges is closed to visitors. Our day-skier visitors are accustomed to hanging out in the lodge, eating lunch or warming up indoors, and using our public restroom space.  Unfortunately, this year that is not an option.


Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your visit as a day-skier:

  1. Ski passes are for sale in service areas at both Bearskin and Golden Eagle. One person at a time inside and please wear masks, according to Minnesota law. You don’t need a mask to ski, but you do need one to buy tickets or rent skis.
  2. Neither of the main buildings at Golden Eagle or Bearskin Lodge are open.There are no indoor warming areas, no inside bathrooms, no indoor area to try-on skis. Almost every cross-country ski area in Minnesota is operating this way this year and yes, it’s sort of awkward. Use your car as your base.
  3. No indoor bathrooms this year: There are lovely blue porta-potties for day skiers at Bearskin and a shower house bathroom at Golden Eagle.
  4. Yes, we are renting skis but if you are not staying here, it’s more difficult than in the past: Ski rentals are not as easy during Covid. Most Minnesota X-C ski centers are not doing ski rentals this year, but we are giving it a try. Get more information on ski rentals here.
  5.  Parking is often easier at Golden Eagle. On holidays and weekends, the Bearskin parking lot fills up early. Drive a little farther up the Gunflint Trail to Clearwater Road to go to Golden Eagle, where you will usually find more available parking spaces. You will be able to access the same trail system on the north side.


Ski Passes for Day Skiers

All Bearskin and Golden Eagle registered guests receive free ski passes for their group.

Season passes as well as daily ski tickets are for sale at both resorts.  We share the proceeds equally between both lodges, so it doesn’t matter where you purchase your pass.  The funds from your ski passes go to pay a portion of the maintenance and grooming on the ski trails; passes don’t even begin to cover all of our grooming costs. In addition, the US Forest Service/Superior National Forest takes a portion of the fees, as does the Minnesota DNR, to pay for the use of their land for many of the trails. Sales tax is also included in your ticket price.

  • Day pass $18
  • Child day pass (ages 7-13) $8
  • Late day pass (after 1 PM) $12
  • Child late day pass (after 1 PM) $6
  • 3-day pass  $36
  • 3-day child pass  $18
  • Season pass $100
  • Child season pass $40
  • Gunflint Volunteer Fire Department members season pass  $50

We are not part of the Minnesota Ski Passes program, as these trails do not receive any funds from the state.  Because of its large size and hilly terrain through the deep woods, this is a very expensive system to groom and maintain. 100% of your trail ticket fees go towards trail costs. The memorable experience of skiing in this beautiful woods would not be possible without our extensive trail work, so the cost of your ski pass is well worth it.

For more information

Updated trail reports can be found here.  For the most current grooming information, as well specific trail conditions, please contact Bearskin Lodge (218-388-2292) or Golden Eagle Lodge (218-388-2203). You can also email Grooming frequently occurs between the release of new trail reports. Expect trail grooming after every significant snowfall.