Employment — jobs available this fall and winter

Bearskin Lodge is the premier family resort located on the famous Gunflint Trail, about 26 miles from the town of Grand Marais, MN. We are on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Right outside our door are a million and a half acres of pristine lakes and rivers. Our facilities are the best available.

It takes much hard work by dedicated staff to maintain the quality of service our guests have come to expect. If you are interested in joining the Bearskin staff, we would like to hear from you! Fill out our job application and forward it to us. The application is found linked to this page at the bottom.

Click here to get an application in PDF format (print to fill out by hand, or depending on your computer system, you may be able to fill this ouline.

Click here to get an application in DOC format (fill out on computer — if formatting changes, don’t worry about that).

Important! Before applying please click here to read this information page. Not everyone will be happy working at Bearskin. We are on the edge of one of the nation’s great wilderness areas, and we truly understand that isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. See if you’re well-suited to living here before you apply. 

Fall and winter jobs 2021/2022

We will be hiring soon!

We don’t have much turn-over in jobs here. Bearskin staff tends to get hired and then stay a long time, but in the next few months there are some transitions that will be occurring.  It’s always hard to say goodbye to a beloved group of employees as they move on to their next adventures in life, but we also always look forward to meeting our new “Bearskin family.”

Working at Bearskin is considered one of the most desirable jobs on the Gunflint Trail. We try our best to be fair employers, we offer on-site lakeside housing, and we give our staff options to get out and enjoy our beautiful environment.  The best employees are always the ones who explore this area while they are here. It’s a challenging environment if you wanted a job in the city, but if you’d love to live in the Boundary Waters/Gunfint Trail area then working at Bearskin can be a dream-come-true.

Our ideal employees have a good work ethic, are personable and get along well with guests and colleagues, have excellent communication skills, and are willing to do whatever needs to be done to help Bearskin function well.  We work very closely together, so happy, drama-free employees are greatly appreciated. This is a small enough staff that if you don’t fully do your part, the burden falls on your co-workers/friends.  There’s no “extra” here, we need employees who truly contribute.  

We do hire some short-term employees, but we are most appreciative of employees who want to stay a while. It’s not a life commitment — we know your next adventure is eventually out there.  But we are a small family resort, and it’s super nice if we don’t have to re-train new employees too often.

Are you doing online school?  Get your masters or finish your degree while you work at Bearskin.  Our internet is good, and we can usually adjust your schedule to fit classes. 

Are you an artist or creator?  We will support you in your endeavors and have helped many up-and-coming creative types grow their skills and market their wares.  

Our jobs can become more permanent for people willing to commit for a while, and benefits are available after you are considered permanent staff.

1. Guest services/housekeeping/ all-purpose helpful human

Skills needed:  Attention to detail, a good work ethic, a friendly nature, and a willingness to tackle every job, outdoors or indoors. Good communication skills essential. You’ll have your own small lakeside apartment, with access to canoes, skis, and snowshoes. Wages negotiable, depending on experience. This employee could eventually join our permanent staff, if you are a happy fit for working here. Use links above to apply or e-mail sue@bearskin.com

2. Outdoor, general purpose resort employee

Take care of the campground, mow and trim grass, clean boats and canoes, clean and put away returned outfitting gear, send guests and paddlers out on their canoe trips. In the winter, snow blowing and plowing become part of the job, and an employee who is comfortable on a snowmobile is very useful.  Everyone at Bearskin cleans cabins when needed, and everyone at Bearskin puts in occasional stints at the front desk, but most of your time in this job will be working independently outside. Lots of lifting in this job–you need a strong, healthy and (probably young) back to do it.  Maintenance skills a big plus for this job!  Use links above to apply or e-mail sue@bearskin.com

3.  Front desk/reservation manager:  Almost all of us work at the front desk, but we only have one Bearskin employee who runs the reservation program to enter reservations, send out confirmation letters, prepare welcome packets,and deal with a never-ending array of reservation problems. Our current reservation manager will finish school shortly and head out into the real world.  Ideally we would like to find someone with reservation program experience, or at least a fairly extensive hotel/resort background.  All of our employees do every job, including cleaning, but the front desk manager is probably tied to the front desk a bit more than any other job.  Bearskin only runs smoothly if this person is perfect!  Mistake free, detail-oriented, and very careful. If that’s you, use links above to apply or e-mail sue@bearskin.com

4. Resort Couple  We love to hire couples on our staff.  It’s nice to have a built-in friend to go on adventures when you’re here.  If two of you fit our needs, we’re happy to hire you together. Both individuals need to offer skills we’re looking for, and there has to be an understanding that if one person doesn’t work out then both jobs are affected.  That has happened…never.  It’s been a long time since a couple’s job has been open at Bearskin, but with the jobs that we see coming available later this year, we could definitely fill positions with a couple.


General info for all applicants

What it is like to be on our staff:  We hire a few seasonal and short-term employees, but most of our staff tends to be happy here and they stay with us. We’re pretty kind to our staff, as we know they are what makes our business possible. Our staff members get along, and are drama-free — to us, your ability to pitch in and work, to enjoy living in the middle of nowhere, and to get along with our other staff means more than skills.  Non-smoking housing, no tolerance for drugs or for alcohol use. Live healthy here. No dogs, please. Goldfish welcome. Well-trained cats are common in our staff housing.

How to apply: If you think you’d be a good match for Bearskin, first read this page.  Then fill out our application(PDF)  or application (DOC). Be sure to include references who can be reached. We will call or e-mail them before we hire you. A good cover letter explaining your interest in Bearskin employment helps set your application apart — tell us more about yourself.  Email to sue@bearskin.com 


Living and working here

We offer lakeside housing with a BWCAW lake view that would be the envy of many in Cook County. This is a healthy, non-smoking environment that is ideal for people who get along well with others, who like working hard, and who can find joy in living and working in a remote wilderness location. Funny hours, working on some holidays, vacation times only in the quiet season — these may all be part of a Bearskin job, so if your dream job is 9-5 M-F, then this isn’t it. Salary negotiable, but we pay employees very fairly.  If this sounds like where you want to be, contact sue@bearskin.com


Info for summer and short-term employees:

All of our summer employees are cross-trained in numerous areas — you will probably work at the front desk, answer phones, help with canoe trips, advise tourists on good hiking destinations and because all of us do this all the time, help clean cabins. Clean cabins are how we all get to enjoy this life on the edge of the BWCAW!   Some of our employees need to be able to lift canoes, mow and trim lawns, stack wood, and clean up at the campground.

It is important when you apply that you provide us with accurate ending dates for your summer availability.  If you will be returning to college after the summer, please check your college’s 2022 calendar before you apply.  We don’t hire “extra” people like larger resorts often do, planning that a certain percentage of employees will quit or get fired. We truly intend to keep you all summer if you are hired here.  We choose our staff based on employing the correct number of people to get us through the season, so ending dates are very important.  Choosing to leave Bearskin earlier than your contractual end date leaves your co-workers and employers overworked and unhappy. Please decide on the right end date from the time you apply.

If you think you’d be a good match for Bearskin, fill out the application(PDF)  or application (DOC) linked to this page. Be sure to include references. We will call or e-mail them before we hire you. A good cover letter explaining your interest in Bearskin employment helps set your application apart — tell us more about yourself.

We try to do in-person interviews, but in case we can’t meet with you, it always helps if a picture is included with your application.  It may be the only way we “meet” before you apply. If you have the capability to do a Skype or Facetime video interview, please let us know in your cover letter.

We pay an hourly wage, not a set “per month” salary.  We adhere to fair employment practices.  You will not be asked to work a large number of unexpected hours, and if circumstances require many more hours, you will be paid well for your extra time.


Before applying please read this page >