Book Reservations

Enter your dates in the box in the upper right hand corner to request a reservation.  The booking is not immediate — a real human being will look over your reservation request, enter a hold into the system, and e-mail you back if everything looks good.  You will then need to call us with a credit card deposit to officially hold the reservation.  If you’re thinking about this during business hours, do give us a call!  Talk to a real human first and save yourself a little time.  But if like many of us, you are making your plans at odd hours then this is a great way to nail down your spot.

The rates on the Webervation reservation system are only current up to one season ahead.  The website may quote you outdated rates if you search far into the future. Call us directly for rate quotes farther into the future than next season.

Bookings for the current season require a $500 deposit; if your total charge will be less than that, then we ask for the daily charges, minus the taxes, as a deposit. Deposits are refundable, minus a cancellation fee, more than 60 days ahead of your dates.  If someone else books your same dates in the cabin, we will refund your deposit (minus the cancellation fee). For most cancellations that aren’t right at the reservation date we will roll over your deposit for future use, as we want you to come to visit us!

If you are booking outside of a rate season we only require a $50 deposit. If you have any specific questions about the lodge or reservations, please feel free to call us at 1-800-338-4170. Or email us at