Updates on Bearskin Lodge Covid-19 plans


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Covid notes, 6/12/2022:

We were really hoping we could get rid of this page in 2022. We are getting there, we hope.

We follow medical information extremely closely and can see there are more Covid waves in the pipeline. But vaccines and increasing immunity have put us in a much better place than where we were two years ago. 

We are going to take it as it comes this summer.  We will respond to changes as they happen. At this point, we plan for mostly normal, pre-pandemic summer operations. Wear masks in the the lodge if that’s the best choice for you; masks are welcome and you don’t have to feel uncomfortable if you prefer to wear a mask here, but masks won’t be required unless we have a surge again. Our staff members may or may not wear a mask, depending on their own personal needs; once again, we will all mask up if a surge indicates a return to masks is a wise choice.

Summer activities will be held under normal circumstances, but if conditions change we will alter the locations and mask requirements for the classes and activities. If nothing else, the past two years have taught us all flexibility!  If we have to make changes in how we handle the current situation, we will always let you know ahead of time.

Are there any pandemic changes that will stay the same? Yes, a few.  We are keeping the Medify filters in the cabins.  That is an extra safety step we can offer you, whether the pandemic is waning or surging.  We will also continue the in-cabin internet, but of course you can always use the lodge for internet access, too. We know how much many of our long-time guests despise the intrusion of internet in the cabins, and we totally understand that. Given the uncertainty of these pandemic years, our guests still need to be able to choose whatever level of isolation works best for them.  

One activity that isn’t returning for summer, 2022: no Monday night picnic yet. We have to pre-order massive amounts of food for 10 weeks of picnics, plus we need to hire extra staff to make those picnics happen. We are still in slightly uncertain times, so the picnic will need to stay on hiatus a little longer.

How safe is the Gunflint Trail and Cook County for travelers? Cook County still has the lowest Covid case total in Minnesota, and one of the lowest in the US. This continues to be a very safe part of the country to visit, whether the virus is surging or waning. Our county has a high vaccination rate and most community members here have been extremely responsible during the pandemic.

What if we develop illness while at the lodge?  These days we all know that it’s often hard to tell, even with testing, whether an illness is Covid. For the benefit of Bearskin guests and staff, assume any illness might be Covid and take extra precautions. If there is any question that someone might be ill in your group, please put on masks if you go to the lodge or if you are around our staff. It’s the right thing to do.  We always have a supply of masks on hand that we will happily share with you.

What should I do if someone in our group has a Covid diagnosis before we come? Give us a call, and we will work things out. After two years of Covid, we’ve dealt with this problem dozens of times.  We will get it figured out together.


Could all of these summer plans change? Yes. We’ve been living with this for a long time now; we know how suddenly things can take a turn for the worse during this pandemic. Our first safety responsibility is to our staff and our family, including the children under 5-years-old in our family who cannot be vaccinated. We will do whatever it takes to keep our group healthy, first and foremost. There’s no Bearskin if there’s no staff and family to keep our bit of paradise going!  We send frequent e-mail updates before your visit, so watch for that info. We will always also post on this page if some aspect of the current situation changes.

Stay well,

The McCloughan Family/Bearskin Lodge