Updates on Bearskin Lodge Covid-19 plans


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First of all, we hope you are all safe, healthy, and doing the right things to help us all get through these unprecedented times. We are all increasingly weary of it, but the more we do the right things, the sooner we will get back to normal.

Cook County still has the lowest Covid case total in Minnesota, and one of the lowest in the US — but our case count has gone up.  Our tiny Cook County Hospital has very limited facilities and our nearest major hospital is 2.5 hours away in Duluth. 

Bearskin had some very strict Covid precautions in 2020 and early 2021, which included closing the Main Lodge building to visitors.  Will the Main Lodge building be open this winter?  Yes, that is our current plan. Both Lodges on the Central Gunflint Ski Trail system have decided to reopen access to our lodge buildings this winter, with the request that visitors wear masks inside the buildings, unless eating or drinking. We mutually decided that if skiers don’t wear masks, we will just close the buildings again. We doubt that will be a problem. Nobody loved the blue porta-potties last winter.  

UPDATED INFO 12.21.2021  Due to the latest Omicron news, we are going to be much more serious about masks in the Main Lodge.  If visitors want the lodge building to stay open this winter, put on your mask, please. The rapid, easy transmissibility of Omicron is a serious threat to our small staff.  All staff sick = resort has to close. Please take the right steps to help us stay healthy and open for our visitors. Thanks

Will the Main Lodge gift shop be open this year? Yes, with masks. We really love our new assortment of gifts and sweatshirts, and we think you will too.

Will there be food service available in the Main Lodge building?  We are taking it slow. We have coffee, hot chocolate, wine, and beer.  We sell delicious cookies and many snacks. We will add our usual assortment of lunches when the whole Covid thing gets a little better. For now, we need to minimize our potential staff exposures so that we have enough people to keep the resort open for you.  Update 1.15.2021 –no food yet, for obvious reasons.

Should we wear masks when we are outside at the resort, and should we still maintain social distance? You do not need to wear a mask at your cabin or on the resort grounds. By now, we’ve all learned to keep ourselves spaced. We’re Minnesotans, so 6 feet of space has always been our thing anyway. 

Should we wear masks when we interact with Bearskin staff outside of the lodge?  Yes, sometimes. If you will need help from staff members inside your cabin or need some close one-on-one assistance, we’d appreciate it if you slipped your mask on.

Will the sauna and hot tub reopen?  Yes! We have tried to space the appointments out a little more.

Are the air-purifiers still in the cabins?  Yes! The medical quality air purifiers will be turned on when you arrive, to clear out the air from the previous guests. We ask that you turn them off on arrival and then, when you are ready to check-out, open your cabin windows and turn on your air purifiers. Air filters will not protect you from each other, so there is no point in running them while you are in the cabin; they will help protect you from the particles left behind by the last cabin guests.

What is the current internet situation? We will keep the new in-cabin internet that we installed last year at least through the winter, 2022. We have been adding upgrades to make it function better as True North gets this giant Northwoods experiment figured out. We do know that many of you hate internet at your cabin, and we kind of do too. It’s not our usual wilderness vibe. But beaming the internet through the trees and down the trails to your cabin does help our guests keep separated from other people.  Is it great internet? At times it is excellent, but whenever large numbers of people use it (like when everybody is stuck indoors due to terrible weather), it slows down. It is usually good for email, texting, and web browsing, and less fantastic for uploading/downloading videos or streaming. The Main Lodge internet will always be better.

Could all of this information change? YES! We’ve all been reading the news; we know how suddenly things can take a turn for the worse during this pandemic. Our first safety responsibility is to our staff and our family, including the children under 5-years-old in our family who cannot be vaccinated. We will do whatever it takes to keep our group healthy, first and foremost.

We will all have a story to tell after this era. Your Bearskin memories will be different from past years, but we hope you can make unique memories this year that will be a pleasant part of your own narrative of the Covid times.

Stay well,

The McCloughan Family/Bearskin Lodge