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Bearskin Ski Trails

Bear Cub World Cup Trail in the winter

Bear Cub World Cup Trail

Expert skiers will put their skills to the test on Bear Cubs loops. Groomed for both skating and diagonal stride, this trail features very challenging uphill and screaming downhills. Towering white pines greet you as you travel to the Bear Cub Lake overlook at an elevation of 2000ft.

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Beaver Dam Ski Trail at sunset in the winter

Beaver Dam Trail

This trail offers several scenic overlooks while circling Rudy and Ruby lakes, and passes through some majestic spruce swamps. Active beaver engineering can be observed at the west end of Ruby Lake. Be careful on the hills south of the lakes.

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Cross Fox Trail

Nestled between Red Pine and Moose Ridge, this trail offers some gentle downgrades and a few thrillers. An easy ascent through lowland forest along ridges with virgin stands of pine creating another loop off the Old Logging Camp Trail.

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Moose Pasture Trail

This trail is an alternative route from the north side of Ruby Lake to the Summer Home Road. It passes through open woodlands where moose are often found.

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Moose Ridge Trail

This trail offers nice views of the BWCAW and Canada to the north, and from the top of the hill at the west end. Have fun on the roller coaster downhill!

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