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Jobs Available For Fall, Winter and Next Summer

Bearskin Lodge is the premier family resort located on the famous Gunflint Trail, about 26 miles from the town of Grand Marais, MN. We are on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). Right outside our door are a million and a half acres of pristine lakes and rivers. Our facilities are the best available.

It takes much hard work by dedicated staff to maintain the quality of service our guests have come to expect. If you are interested in joining the Bearskin staff, we would like to hear from you! Fill out our job application and forward it to us.

Fall 2023: one housekeeper, front desk, all-purpose, person needed around October 1. Could be either for a couple months or for the long-term. Needs to fit in with an extremely high-energy, pretty athletic, fast-moving group of co-workers. One of our long-time staff members is reluctantly leaving to pursue an education-related opportunity. We are open to short-term or long-term possibilities for this job, but there won’t be much training time. Small lakeside individual apartment available.

Winter: it looks like we will have one job for sure this winter, possibly two. We need multi-purpose people, with flexibility to try many jobs — front desk, some outdoor maintenance, guest services, and housekeeping. Absolute “must” for us on this round — finding at least one top-notch, great eye for detail, housekeeping expert with the ability to direct others, plan ahead for housekeeping days, stay on top of ordering supplies, and work cohesively with a group of very fast, athletic co-workers who get a lot done in a short time. We wouldn’t mind having two of those. But employee #2, if we learn we need one more, can be more multi-purpose, doing a bit of everything.

Lakeside cabin, absolutely top-notch talented co-workers, and pretty decent employers. You do need to fill out the application below to be considered. We get many, many applicants for each job, so we don’t even start to look over the applicant’s skills until we have received a completed application. A cover letter explaining why you are a great fit for our remote location and sent to will help get your application noticed.

Bearskin Lodge does not have the permits needed to hire international workers. No need to inquire.

Please Note 

Not everyone will be happy working at Bearskin. We are on the edge of one of the nation’s great wilderness areas, and we truly understand that isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. This is the deep Northwoods. Groceries and the closest (small) town are 26 miles away. There are very limited social activities nearby, although our current staff is fantastic at creating fun for everyone. We do our shopping online (UPS comes every weekday.) This is Minnesota, just a few miles from the Canadian border, so it gets cold here in the winter and you need to have serious winter clothing and boots for December – April. We no longer hire staff without a vehicle. In the summer you will need your own vehicle to even to get groceries — there is no public transportation, no Uber or Lyft. Your winter vehicle should be 4-wheel drive, or at least front-wheel drive. Think about who you really are before you decide that this is the right job for you. This is an amazing place to work, but it’s not right for everybody.

We are Hiring for Winter 2023 – 2024!

We don’t have much turn-over in jobs here. Bearskin staff tends to get hired and then stay a long time, but in the next few months there are some transitions that will be occurring.  It’s always hard to say goodbye to a beloved group of employees as they move on to their next adventures in life, but we also always look forward to meeting our new “Bearskin family.”

Working at Bearskin is considered one of the most desirable jobs on the Gunflint Trail. We try our best to be fair employers, we offer on-site lakeside housing, and we give our staff options to get out and enjoy our beautiful environment.  The best employees are always the ones who explore this area while they are here. It’s a challenging environment if you wanted a job in the city, but if you’d love to live in the Boundary Waters/Gunflint Trail area then working at Bearskin can be a dream-come-true.

Our ideal employees have a good work ethic, are personable and get along well with guests and colleagues, have excellent communication skills, and are willing to do whatever needs to be done to help Bearskin function well.  We work very closely together, so happy, drama-free employees are greatly appreciated. This is a small enough staff that if you don’t fully do your part, the burden falls on your co-workers/friends. There’s no “extra” here, we need employees who truly contribute.  

We do hire some short-term employees, but we are most appreciative of employees who want to stay a while. It’s not a life commitment — we know your next adventure is eventually out there.  But we are a small family resort, and it’s super nice if we don’t have to re-train new employees too often.

Are you doing online school?
Get your masters or finish your degree while you work at Bearskin.  Our internet is good, and we can usually adjust your schedule to fit classes. 

Are you an artist or creator? 
We will support you in your endeavors and have helped many up-and-coming creative types grow their skills and market their wares.  

Our jobs can become permanent for people willing to commit for a while, and benefits are available after you are considered permanent staff.

Guest services / housekeeping / all-purpose helpful human

Skills needed:  Attention to detail, a good work ethic, a friendly nature, and a willingness to tackle every job, outdoors or indoors. Good communication skills essential. You’ll have your own small lakeside apartment, with access to canoes, skis, and snowshoes. Wages negotiable, depending on experience. This employee could eventually join our permanent staff, if you are a successful fit for working here. Health insurance and dental insurance benefits are available to our permanent employees. We are always interested in finding a person who has previous experience with housekeeping and can help manage and direct the complicated organizational flow of daily housekeeping tasks. 

Outdoor, general purpose resort employee – the perfect job for a good problem solver!

Our resort guests rely on this employee to help them solve daily maintenance and boat problems. This person regularly checks that heat and water are working in every cabin, that light bulbs and smoke/CO detectors are functioning, and makes sure that our guests are warm and safe. Ability to make small repairs, do occasional vehicle maintenance, and independently solve problems to keep our resort world functioning is very helpful. Everyone at Bearskin cleans cabins when needed, and everyone at Bearskin puts in occasional stints at the front desk, but most of your time in this job will be working independently outside. In the summer, these outdoor tasks include grass mowing and trimming, dock maintenance, canoe rentals and cleaning, caring for outfitting gear, boat maintenance and rentals, and campground care. In the winter, the job includes snow-plowing and snow-blowing, firewood stacking, shoveling, car-starting and miscellaneous winter tasks, in addition to all the other ways this employee helps out. Lots of lifting in this job–you need a strong, healthy back to do it.  Maintenance skills a big plus for this job, but if you have an aptitude for these skills then we can teach you.

Resort Couple — yes, this job available for winter 2023-2024

Live on the edge of the BWCA with someone you enjoy, and experience outdoor escapades together.

We love to hire couples on our staff. It’s nice to have a built-in friend to go on adventures when you’re here. If two of you fit our needs, we’re happy to hire you together. Both individuals need to offer skills we’re looking for, and there has to be an understanding that if one person doesn’t work out then both jobs are affected. That has happened…never. Both members of the couple need to fill the roles that are needed, as listed above. Housing unit is a full lakeside cabin to yourselves. Simple, but much-loved.

This is the job that has introduced so many young couples to Grand Marais and given many the foothold that allowed them to begin or buy their Cook County business, or start their permanent “up north” life. Ideal job candidates who are high energy self-starters, are willing to stay awhile, and who are able to fill the maintenance and housekeeping/front desk positions. Potential management roles in the future for the right people. We try to give couples days off together and similar work hours, although we can’t promise it will always work out. This is the dream couples job for the right people. Let’s talk and find out if you’re the ones. Wage and start dates negotiable.

Seasonal, general resort/outfitting/front desk help

Most Bearskin employees stay for longer than a summer, but for fall and winter we think we may hire one or two seasonal employees. If you are a good worker and you’d like to be part of our staff, apply now.

General info for all applicants

What it is like to be on our staff:  We hire a few seasonal and short-term employees, but most of our staff tends to be happy here and they stay with us. We try to be kind to our staff, as we know they are what makes our business possible. Our staff members get along, and are drama-free — to us, your ability to pitch in and work, to enjoy living in the middle of nowhere, and to get along with our other staff means more than skills. Non-smoking housing, no tolerance for drugs or for excessive alcohol use. Live healthy here. No dogs, please. Goldfish welcome. Well-trained cats and even bunnies are common in our staff housing.

Living and working here

We offer lakeside housing with a BWCAW lake view that would be the envy of many in Cook County. This is a healthy, non-smoking environment that is ideal for people who get along well with others, who like working hard, and who can find joy in living and working in a remote wilderness location. Funny hours, working on some holidays, vacation times only in the quiet season — these may all be part of a Bearskin job, so if your dream job is 9-5 M-F, then this isn’t it. Salary negotiable, but we pay employees very fairly.  If this sounds like where you want to be, contact

Info for summer and short-term employees:

All of our summer employees are cross-trained in numerous areas — you will probably work at the front desk, answer phones, help with canoe trips, advise tourists on good hiking destinations and because all of us do this all the time, help clean cabins. Clean cabins are how we all get to enjoy this life on the edge of the BWCAW!   Some of our employees need to be able to lift canoes, mow and trim lawns, stack wood, and clean up at the campground.

It is important when you apply that you provide us with accurate ending dates for your summer availability.  If you will be returning to college after the summer, please check your college’s 2023 calendar before you apply.  We don’t hire “extra” people like larger resorts often do, planning that a certain percentage of employees will quit or get fired. We truly intend to keep you all summer if you are hired here.  We choose our staff based on employing the correct number of people to get us through the season, so ending dates are very important.  Choosing to leave Bearskin earlier than your contractual end date leaves your co-workers and employers overworked and unhappy. Please decide on the right end date from the time you apply.

We pay an hourly wage, not a set “per month” salary.  We adhere to fair employment practices.  You will not be asked to work a large number of unexpected hours, and if circumstances require many more hours, you will be paid well for your extra time.