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Winter Adventures at Bearskin Lodge

Ski-in Winter Cabins for Skiers and Snowshoers

Pack in to a Ski-in Winter Camping Cabin for a once-in-a-lifetime winter wilderness adventure. Our Ski-in Cabins are located deep in the heart of the winter boreal forest, surrounded by the Superior National forest and miles of ski and snowshoe trails. 

What is a Ski-in Cabin? Ski-in Winter Camping Cabins are basic tiny cabins in the forest, reminiscent of the trapper cabins that dotted this landscape a hundred years ago. Bunks, a woodstove, and a small table and chairs. These cabins are not for the inexperienced. Think of this as really comfortable winter camping!

What a Ski-in Cabin isn’t: Our Ski-in Cabins are not regular Bearskin cabins, only with more distant parking. This is a very different experience and realistically, these cabins aren’t perfect for everyone. Consider this an adventure!


How do I get to my Ski-in Cabin? Cabins are roughly one mile from the Main Lodge. You can ski or snowshoe the entire way on well-developed trails. Backpack or haul your gear on a small sled. You cannot drive your vehicle to a Ski-in Cabin.

Will there be a fire in my woodstove when I arrive? No, it will be just as cold inside as outside until you get a fire going. The cabins are super insulated, and the woodstoves are new and efficient. In a fairly short time your cabin will be warming up. We will supply you with ample wood.

Can anyone stay in a Ski-in Cabin? These cabins have no central heat, no electricity, and no cell reception. Only those confident of their “roughing it” skills need apply.

What type of bathroom facilities do the Ski-in Cabins have? Each Ski-in Cabin has its own outhouse nearby. They are nice, newly-built outhouses, but nonetheless the important word to remember is “outhouse.” No running water, no flushing, no lights, no heat. We said it was going to be an adventure.

Can Ski-in Cabin guests take advantage of other Bearskin amenities? Yes. Hot-tub, Sauna, Wi-Fi in the Lodge are all available to Ski-in Cabin guests. And just like when you are staying in any Bearskin cabin, your ski passes are included in your stay.

What are the sleeping arrangements? Bunk beds. You’ll need a winter-weight sleeping bag. With reasonable fire-tending skills, you’ll keep your Ski-in Cabin at a comfortable temperature around the clock.

Can we rent for a night or two while our family is staying in a Bearskin cabin so a few of us can have a little more winter adventure? Yes! We anticipate that this might be the most frequent use of the Ski-in Cabins.

Are dogs allowed in the Skin-in Cabins? Our ski trails are 100% no dogs, due to the way that dogs unintentionally destroy the grooming on ski trails. So no dogs in the Ski-in Cabins, sorry. Our ski trails are dog-free in order to maintain our excellent grooming.

Cost: Ski-in Cabins rent for $130/night. Your Central Gunflint Ski Passes are included for each registered guests. Your deposit is the entire amount of your stay.

Occupancy and Size: The Ski-in Cabins are very small. Mink Cabin, the original Ski-In cabin, has bunks to hold 2 people. Marten, the newest Ski-In Cabin opening in 2024, has bunks for 4 people. The cabins are tiny, to preserve heat, so there is no room for additional people.

Check-in and Check-out: You may check-in at the Main Lodge at 2 PM. Check-out is at the Main Lodge by 11 AM. It gets dark early this far north, so plan on enough time to get yourself and your gear organized plus time to ski or snowshoe to the cabin before it gets too dark. It is essential that you arrive to check-in at the Main Lodge before we close at 6 PM. You will need our direction to get to the cabins.

Reserve/cancel: The cost is $130/night. Your deposit will be the first night’s rental; the rest is payable when you check in. You can cancel up to 2 weeks in advance, minus a $30 administrative fee. In case of extreme weather, give us a call and we will figure out your best option.