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Winter at Bearskin

Winter activities with all the fresh air, snow and Minnesota adventure you could want.

Welcome to real winter, with deep glistening snow and perfectly groomed ski trails through the north woods. Bearskin is a top cross-country ski destination, featuring 77K of immaculately groomed ski trails through the Superior National Forest. Go snowshoeing, fat biking, or just be cozy in front of a blazing fire.

Ski Trails

More than 77 K of beautifully groomed cross-country ski trails through the deep woods. XC skiing is what we are renowned for.

Ski and snowshoe rentals at Bearskin Lodge

Ski Rentals

Bearskin Lodge has skis and snowshoes available to rent for guests and for day-skiers on the Central Gunflint Trail System.

Ski-in Winter Camping Cabin

Pack in to a Ski-in Winter Camping Cabin for a once-in-a-lifetime winter wilderness adventure.
Page coming soon.

More Winter Fun

New, Separate Fat-bike Trails! 

Our beautifully groomed ski trails are not accessible to fat bikes, but this year we will be grooming a new route specifically for fat-bikes. Bearskin rents fat bikes on site.


Venture into the back-country or get off the beaten path when you strap on a pair of traditional or modern snowshoes.  Explore the woods on your own, or follow one of Bearskin Lodge’s lakeside or deep woods snowshoe trails. Our snowshoe route has grown again for this winter.


All the fun of hockey without bulky equipment and contact – fun to play or just watch. (Due to unusual ice conditions in 2023, there is no ice rink at this time.)

Ice Skating

The lake that we paddle in the summer provides a perfect surface to skate for winter fun. Our groomed ice rink is lighted, so the ice rink or pond hockey fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down. (Due to unusual ice conditions in 2023, there is no ice rink at this time.)

Night Skiing

1.5 km of lighted trails offer ski buffs the chance to keep going after sundown.  Guests call our night skiing experience “magical.”

Top-notch trail grooming

Bearskin is a silent sports resort, specializing in outstanding skiing and snowshoeing. We have made a big investment in high-quality trail grooming equipment, and it shows. Most of our trails are groomed for both skate and classic skiing, by people who have been skiing and ski racing for decades — they know how a good trail should be groomed for 21st-century skiers. We get rave reviews for our trail grooming.

Stay at Bearskin Lodge

Find your perfect getaway on the Gunflint Trail.