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Fishing at Bearskin Lodge

East Bearskin is a beautiful Canadian Shield lake that supports excellent populations of walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass and lake trout. There is a variety of structure on the north side of the lake and several deep drops on the south side. East Bearskin Lake is 4 miles long, with the far east end inside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. (There is a motor limit of 25 hp inside the BWCAW.) A number of other nearby lakes with excellent fishing can be accessed from East Bearskin Lake with portages: Crocodile, Moon, and Alder are the most popular. Our front desk staff can help you plan a memorable fishing trip. 

Fishing Guide Service

Bearskin no longer has an on-site fishing guide. East Bearskin is not a lake where you are likely to get lost and our front desk staff can easily direct you to the well-known fishing holes. We can also direct you to good fishing areas on many of the BWCA lakes that are reached by portaging from East Bearskin. You can access top-notch BWCA fishing on easy day trips from Bearskin, then be back on time to fry up your catch for dinner in your cozy cabin.

A day trip with a guide to one of the huge Gunflint Trail lakes can be a memorable part of your Bearskin stay. This offers you a great way to experience another area of the Gunflint Trail. Our local guides are often very busy; it is not unusual for them to be 100% booked for summer early in the season, so you will have the best success if you a book a trip early. However, even guests who dream up this idea later in the season can often get a spot with one of the guides if they are willing to be flexible about the date and time.

Christianson Guide Service


Cory Christianson writes a column for the local newspaper. He is family man with 2 small children, and gets rave reviews for his guiding service.  E-mail him at:   We have always recommended Cory as a first choice for guiding, but he is uncertain whether he will guide in 2017 as he and his wife have opened a restaurant.

Roger Campbell


“The Fishing Junkie.”  Roger guides in Florida during the winter, and on  Lake Saganaga during May – October. 

Seagull Creek Guides


If you went out fishing with Curtis at Bearskin a few years back, you will probably enjoy arranging a guide here.  This is his family’s guide business. 

“Little Vince” Eckroot


Little Vince’s guide service operates mid-Gunflint Trail.  Vince grew up on the Gunflint Trail and seems to know some unusual spots to fish.  Contact him at

Stay at Bearskin Lodge

Find your perfect getaway on the Gunflint Trail.