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Gunflint Trail Ski System

Gunflint Trail Ski System

The Central Gunflint Trail Ski System is located about midway up the Gunflint Trail. The trail system is primarily maintained by two resorts in the area, Bearskin Lodge and Golden Eagle Resort. More than 70 K of beautifully groomed trails through the woods and wilderness are available for skiers.

This is a trail system that was specifically built for skiing.  All trails are tracked for traditional skiing; large portions of the trails are also groomed for skate skiing. Both resorts have a section of trails lit for night skiing. Both resorts also have snowshoe trails. Equipment rentals are available.

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Bearskin Lodge and Golden Eagle Resort focus on silent sports only. Both resorts are owned and run by skiers; they are very serious about the quality of their trail grooming.  The trails are groomed by two Kassbohrer Pisten Bully Snowcats; Bearskin’s section of trails are also groomed with a Tidd Tech G2 when conditions call for it. 

The Central Gunflint Trail Ski System is privately maintained, so it is not part of the Minnesota Ski Pass system.  Trail tickets are complimentary to guests at Bearskin Lodge and Golden Eagle. Other skiers may purchase daily ski passes, multi-day passes or season passes. The fee for skiing on these trails covers the high costs of trail grooming.  The experience of skiing through such beautiful, pristine wilderness is well worth it.

When you get to the Gunflint Trail, check in with Bearskin Lodge or Golden Eagle to get a trail map and a ski pass. Both resorts keep up-to-date information on trail conditions and weather reports.  They will be happy to help you select the trails and routes that will make your outing comfortable, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Bearskin has a large central Main Lodge with a fireplace, sofas, tables and comfortable spots to enjoy hot chocolate, coffee, a glass of wine or bottle of beer, pop and snacks. Soup, chili and pie may also be available. FYI: If you are not a Bearskin guest, we suggest that when you head out on the trails you should pack along a little cash or a credit/debit card. Nothing is more disappointing to a chilled skier than to walk into a warm, cozy lodge surrounded by people enjoying hot chocolate or a glass of wine — and be unable to join in. We see it happen every weekend, so we offer up this little hint to save you the trouble many people go through trying to somehow get that cup of hot chocolate.

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