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9+ km

Poplar Creek Trail

This trail leads to a large gravel pit where you can practice downhill technique, and shortly thereafter crosses the Gunflint Trail. Take your skis off when crossing the road (for safety as well as for the sake of the your skis.)  The trail then passes between Bow and Quiver lakes and makes a 6.6 km loop, finally rejoining itself in an old logging area.

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Old Logging Camp Trail

Skating and diagonal stride from the west entrance of Red Pine to the east entrance of Moose Ridge. this trail, when combined with the Summer Home Road or parts of the Beaver Dam Trail, circles Flour Lake. North of the lake it is relatively flat as it follows some old logging railroads and passes through an abandoned logging camp. The western section, the Flour Lake-East bearskin portage at the east end of Flour Lake, and parts of Beaver Dam Trail have challenging hills. There are scenic overlooks of Wampus and Flour lakes. The massive virgin white pine and glacial eskers are added attractions.

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Beaver Dam Ski Trail at sunset in the winter

Beaver Dam Trail

This trail offers several scenic overlooks while circling Rudy and Ruby lakes, and passes through some majestic spruce swamps. Active beaver engineering can be observed at the west end of Ruby Lake. Be careful on the hills south of the lakes.

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Banadad – Lace Lake Trail

This trail serves as a connecting link between the Central Gunflint and Upper Gunflint ski trail systems. Two-thirds of the Banadad Trail runs through the BWCAW, making it the longest tracked ski trail within the BWCAW. The Lace Lake Trail is a 5 km loop connecting the Banadad ski trail to the Poplar Creek ski trail. The northern portion follows the very scenic Poplar Creek. The southern portion is shorter but more difficult.

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