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Bearskin Ski Trails

Red Pine Trail

Pine forest to a ridge with fine views of Flour Lake looking to the south and the hilly terrain surrounding Rudy and Ruby Lakes. Further to the west, next to the shelter, is a view of West Bearskin Lake.

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Road leading to Campground Loop Trail in the winter

Summer Home Road & Campground Loop Trail

This trail, which can be used as an alternate for some of the more difficult parts of the Beaver Dam Trail, is also a good choice for the beginner as it is wide and the hills, except for the one just east of Bearskin Lodge, are gentle.

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Wolf Point Trail

This trail starts off the Old Logging Camp Trail to the west of Golden Eagle Lodge. Named for the wolves crossing the lake (in the winter); they head to this point to get back on land after leaving the rocky cliff area to the east.

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Banadad – Lace Lake Trail

This trail serves as a connecting link between the Central Gunflint and Upper Gunflint ski trail systems. Two-thirds of the Banadad Trail runs through the BWCAW, making it the longest tracked ski trail within the BWCAW. The Lace Lake Trail is a 5 km loop connecting the Banadad ski trail to the Poplar Creek ski trail. The northern portion follows the very scenic Poplar Creek. The southern portion is shorter but more difficult.

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